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This week’s synopsis: Happy New Year 2012!


Significant events of the week:


Saturday, January 7th   

–  Mercury sextile Saturn at 12:13am

–  Mercury sextile Neptune at 7:16am

–  Mercury enters Capricorn at 10:34pm


Well, let’s at least hope it is a happy year! It is certainly bound to be eventful, whether the world ends or not.

Because my PC is still a mess, and because even Skywatchers deserve to celebrate the Holidays, this week’s edition will be a bit briefer than what I would prefer. However, the full Daily Details follows below.

I thank you all for your support through 2011 and hope you enjoy the site even more in 2012 than you have in the past.


We start off 2012 with a grab-bag of anticipation, and when we look inside the bag there isn’t much except a few dust bunnies, dead flies, and crumbs. It feels like we’re all strung along with a wing (dead flies most likely) and a prayer.

Not a great way to start off a new year, but then again, when was the last time things were great?

The hope engine seems to have run out of steam, and the machine for change has ground to a halt with obstructionist grit and gravel. Yes, there is anger galore, restless minions, and new movements springing up, but it all seems rather nebulous, unwieldy, and surreal. And let’s not even talk about when bad things happening to good people!

So, what’s up? I suppose that’s where I come in, so let’s take it from the top.

Pluto (power, wealth, economy, transformation) is in the Sabian sign of “Birds Singing Harmoniously”, so there has been a shifting of the economic fundamentals, creating a firmer foundation for economic growth. Some of the banks and major players have had to make adjustments to their way of doing business, and that should begin greasing the economy as the 1st quarter of the year comes to a close.

Neptune (spirituality, mysticism, religion, our inner worlds) has been flirting with the end of Aquarius, and true to my predictions the nuts and flakes have come out of the woodwork again spouting thoughts, opinions, and conspiracy theories suitable only for the intellectually challenged, denizens of the Twilight Zone, and Fox News. Fortunately, for us and not for them, Neptune segues out of Aquarius and enters Pisces on February 3rd, not a moment too soon for anyone with a reasonable, rational brain. As Neptune gains footing in Pisces look for added emphasis on spirituality, personal development, and psychic/psychological pursuits. It should also bring about a questioning of religion (as opposed to science) and may help us reach out and confirm life elsewhere in the universe. Don’t hold your breath on it being intelligent.

Uranus (change, chaos, order) has been stirring it up in Aries for most of 2011. You can thank it for the Arab Spring (Summer, Fall, and Winter…?) and the Occupy movements. Uranus has only relatively recently gone direct again, so look for these movements to gain strength as 2012 gets underway, although as Uranus gets closer to Pluto in mid-Spring, look for some serious opposition to grow to try and stop them.

As for the Arab Democracy movement, look for the big question to be the extent the governments in these new countries are secular or religious. As for the US and much of the West, look for these movements to define the extent to which the government will exist to help people or make it easier for commercial enterprises to exploit them.

We are all but puppets of the Uranus-Pluto cycle that kicked off in the mid-late 60’s; a period of intense transformation and change. That cycle is coming up to its first crucial test this summer, and the importance of how it is handled for our future can not be underestimated. To give you a perspective, the cycle hit a minor crisis point (the first opening semi-square) from 1984-1986 during the height of the Reagan years, as he and his ideological bullies began dismantling the social safety net. If what astrologers know of squares vs. semi-squares holds true, the impact of the events of this summer are likely to dwarf anything the Reaganistas could have imagined.

Saturn (duty, responsibility, karma) is teetering at the edge of Libra/Scorpio and will turn Retrograde in early February. It will remain Retrograde until late June, at which time it will change direction and steam into Scorpio by early October. While Saturn is in retrograde, fulminations will be great, but little action will be taken. We will have a chance to realign our karma, particularly as it affects our relationships. But many of us have also undergone immense personal transformations during the last couple of years. You have changed. Make the most of that new self and use it to help reshape and reform your reality Putting what we have learned into practice will be our personal test of 2012.

Let’s briefly recap Saturn progress through the zodiac.

As Saturn traveled through the first half of Virgo from September 2007 to October 2008, we learned a lot about who we were, what we were about, and the nature of our true inner character. From October 2008 to July 2010 we got an upfront and extremely close education about life and our position in it. From December 2009 to August 2011, many of us went through a period of personal transformation. Some of us went through a process of intense personal change, some of us moved, changed jobs, or went through a personal crisis that has made you into a different person than you were before.

Then starting in September 2011, we began going about making changes in our lives to reflect the new people we have become. The process of transformation is not simple. It isn’t a one-time wham-bam affair with angels singing and harps playing, but a slow and steady process of ever-greater understandings and realizations about who you are, some of the decisions you have made, and how you go about conducting your life. That’s the key to success in 2012. Reforming your life to reflect the person you have become.

You have until October, so get busy! If you let this opportunity slip and you think you can skip by with letting things stay the same, you may be in deep doo doo when Saturn enters Scorpio next Fall. No refunds, no returns, no shit.

On the lighter side, Jupiter (opportunity, growth, luck) has just turned Direct in the very eenstiest edge of Taurus, offering hope that things will get better soon. Both Jupiter and Saturn were the furthest planets known to the ancients, and together referred to them as the Chronocrators, or “Rulers of Time.” The Jupiter-Saturn cycle is particularly relevant to the economy, and for the past year, Jupiter and Saturn have been in virtual opposition to one another. Not good. It is why we have been having a recoverless recovery.

As Jupiter gets is mojo back and starts moving forward (and away from aspecting Saturn) through January and early February expect to see mild or tepid economic improvement that becomes more visible and tangible by March.

After racing through Taurus, in mid-June Jupiter enters Gemini. Traditionally, Gemini is not a strong sign for Jupiter, although because the signs of Jupiter (Gemini) and Saturn (Libra) are both air signs, I think it will offer better economic conditions than most astrologers might think. The jury is still out and more research must be done on how this will play out, so stay tuned for more details!

Finally we get to Mars (energy, force, strength, aggression). Normally, I wouldn’t include Mars in a report like this, because for the most part Mars is a far more personal planet that doesn’t usually affect how the masses move. But this year Mars goes Retrograde, and that is an entirely different kettle of fish.

Mars turns Retrograde in Virgo on January 23rd, and stays Retrograde until April 13th. We are already deep within its shadow. So, if during this holiday season you’ve been wondering why you’ve had to do things twice or more, now you know the reason. Mars Retrograde means redo, redo, redo! Shampoo, rinse, repeat. Shampoo, rinse, repeat. Ad infinitum. Or is that nauseum?

The most obvious effect of Mars Retrograde is that everyone gets more anxious, nervous, and upset more easily than usual. Unexpected outbursts of apoplexy occur spontaneously over what might otherwise be considered trivial matters. Do not cut off people on the freeway. Do not make snide comments thinking you will not be heard. Do not pass Go or cross the street without looking both ways. We have better things to do than visit you in the hospital. Because with all the redos and repeats on our to-do lists, we’re much too busy!

Also, another effect of Mars Retrograde in Virgo is look for people to be pickier, snippier, and more perfectionist than usual. Imperfections will not be tolerated! Also watch your digestion, and don’t be surprised if a stomach bug makes the rounds. Speaking of digestion, Virgos love food fads, so we may also see every lemming on the planet rush to buy the latest super-fruit. Or nut, as the case may be. If a nut eats a nut does that make them a cannibal?

For your reference, here are some key dates for 2012:

Retrograde Cycles


Retrograde: March 12 in Aries

Direct: April 4 in Pisces

Retrograde: July 14 in Leo

Direct: August 8 in Leo

Retrograde: November 6 in Sagittarius

Direct: November 26 in Scorpio


Retrograde: May 15 in Gemini

Direct: June 27 in Gemini


Retrograde: January 23 in Virgo

Direct: April 13 in Virgo


Retrograde: October 4 in Gemini

(sorry, Jupiter is permanently Retrograde until 2013!)


Retrograde: February 7 in Libra

Direct: June 25 in Libra


Retrograde: July 13 in Aries

Direct: December 13 in Aries


Retrograde: June 4 in Pisces

Direct: November 11 in Pisces


Retrograde: April 10 in Capricorn

Direct: September 18 in Capricorn


Annular Eclipse of the Sun: May 20-21

Partitial Eclipse of the Moon: June 4

Total Eclipse of the Sun: November 13-14

Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon: November 28


Transit of Venus: June 5-6

Meteor Showers

Lyrids April 21

Perseids August 12

Orionids October 21

Leonids November 16

Geminids December 13

And don’t forget, Chinese New Year – January 23rd, Year of the Elder Water Dragon!

Courtesy of Sky & Telescope magazine

To the Daily Details!

Sunday, January 1st

No major aspects

We start off the year with Moon in Aries, which is not a particularly bad place for the Moon to be on New Year’s Eve. It bathes us all in the glow of the optimism of a fresh start, a new beginning, and the will to make this year different. It is, therefore, a rather good year to make a resolution that will make a different in your life, this one has some strong astrological winds to help make it stick.

All in all, the 1st day of the new year is rather lovely. Unlike other times when others can be more of a bore or a chore, people are in a very convivial mood and everyone gets along rather nicely. We’re all chilled with the afterglow of some nice champagne on ice. Our mellow words flow mellifluously from our lips, so be sure you mean what you say and vice versa. It’s a great day for reaching out and touching loved ones, whether you do so via text, chat, email, voice or visit!

Monday, January 2nd

No major aspects

Monday morning looks to be more prone to suffering hangovers than Sunday. Perhaps the extra day off for many of us appeals as a license to kill some brain cells Sunday night. If so, do play responsibly, and remember healthy brain cells are friendly brain cells!

Anyhow, Monday morning is likely to be a bit on the depressing and difficult side. The holidays are over, and it’s back to work tomorrow. Perhaps that’s reason enough to play brain cell roulette.

The day improves as it progresses. If around noontime you’re not sure if you’re coming or going, just wait a bit and the fit will pass. The Moon enters Taurus at 2:16pm and we all slowly return to our senses and sensibilities. As the Moon traverses Jupiter mid-afternoon our emotional skies are sunny once more and we feel good and are optimistic about the potential for good things in 2012.

Tuesday, January 3rd

No major aspecs

The Moon is in Taurus all day. Actually for going-back-to-work day, it’s a fairly nice and providential day. Our thinking and feeling is aligned, making it relatively easy for us to attend to the tasks at hand. We’re less pushy and more cooperative, and contented. The little stuff really seems little, just be sure that you don’t leave some important details unattended!

In the evening, things get a bit dicey romantically or with regard to relationships. Loved ones (or those we trust deeply) may do something unexpected, silly, or nonsensical. Try not be alarmed by this, but try to take in stride. While what they do may seem not to make any rhyme or sense to you, it is important to them as a statement of their own integrity to their intentions. So try to be forgiving, and understanding, and try not to make too much of a fuss if you experience an situation that fits this description. Also, try not to make it mean anything, since no matter how intimately you are involved in the situation, it isn’t really about you, but them.

Wednesday, January 4th

No major aspects

Things calm down considerably on Thursday. Whatever stress you may have been under yesterday flows into the background. In the morning hours we’re considerably industrious, getting things done and accomplishing our work with aplomb. There are opportunities around for progressing our ambitions so make hay during the light of day.

All this week as nightfall approaches we’re likely to get a bit antsy and anxious for no particular reason. It’s all Mars’ fault, so if you give him something to do, something to focus on, he’s more likely to leave you be. Take up knitting, crocheting, texting, or using nettled birds to blast away some gloating pigs…idle hands may be the tools of the devil, but they are beacons for a mischievous Mars!

Thursday, January 5th

No major aspects

The Moon enters Gemini at 2:44am. Once we get through the very early morning hours when we are all apt to put on our petticoats and flutter about like Nervous Nellies, pouncing on our personal deficiencies, inadequacies, and peccadillos, we should be able to calm down and receive some insight and inspiration on how to perceive ourselves in a better light.

A situation or important news may arrive in the early morning hours. Handle it with care, if it arrives. There could be more to the situation than appears on the surface, but all should be well that ends well. As the day progresses we ought to both have the opportunity to show the stuff we are made of, and help improve the situation.

As you retroflect and ruminate about the affairs of the day in the evening hours, remember to pat yourself on the back if things turned out as well or better than expected.

Friday, January 6th

No major aspects

Investment opportunities or other deep financial matters may come to the fore today. Be sure you have all your bases covered before venturing too far afield. Connections with others may make an offer, be sure you can trust them before accepting.

Today is likely to be the tensest of the week, for some of us Fridays have been notorious days anyway, and it is possible there is liable to be considerable tension in the air today. Don’t light any fuses you’re unsure about!

The first night of the first weekend of the new year gets off to a rocky start. People are apt to be obstreperous, anxious and moody. More willing for a fight than having fun. Being extra charming, thoughtful, and sympathetic may help you defuse the situation, but some resentment is likely to linger like sparks from those fuses. Take deep breaths, count to 10, and letting bygones is probably better than saying goodbye.

Saturday, January 7th

Mercury sextile Saturn at 12:13am

Mercury sextile Neptune at 7:16am

Mercury enters Capricorn at 10:34pm

Mercury is a busy bugger today, but all in a good way. Mercury has been in Sagittarius since early November, heightening the jolly mood of the season and helping us all spend like tipsy sailors to help make this a jollier season than expected for the economy. All that levity comes to a close as Mercury enters Capricorn and we get the bills, though Mercury in Cap is generally quite resourceful enough to find a way to pay them. Mercury will be in Capricorn until the 27th, during which time we all become a bit more resourceful, realistic, pragmatic, and practical. Mercury in Capricorn is an excellent time to start any business ventures, or to put any financial plans in action.

To a certain degree, the energies today are no nonsense, logical, sensible, and reasonable. But there is also the ability to see behind the scenes, perceive beyond appearances, and to scry the true meaning of events. Pay close attention to the day’s activities and you may better understand the forces, energies, and plans swirling around you.

The Moon enters Cancer at 1:05pm adding some much needed soothing, calming, and reassuring. Accept change with grace in mid-afternoon, and the rest of the day should sail swimmingly along. Our mental gears shift as Mercury heads into Capricorn and we leave the joys of the holiday seasons behind for an assessment of the tasks at hand for handling the tasks of the coming New Year.

Wishing you all a wonderful week and a Happy New Year!